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Fenton Visuals is a media and broadcast production company, based in the North of England, catering to clients all over the country. We offer bespoke video production and photography services.


Samuel Andrew Fenton

Samuel Andrew Fenton is a director of photography, specialising in commercial video production.


Laura Jane Fenton

Laura Jane Fenton is a photographer, specialising in high fashion and social documentary practices.

With over ten years experience in the industry, Samuel Andrew Fenton, a professional award winning director of photography, founded Fenton Visuals.


Samuel has completed projects and commissions alongside a vast array of talents. The conception of Fenton Visuals came about to bring these talents together, with the sole purpose of combining resources, and providing clients with the pinnacle of quality assets and production values.


Inspired by cinematic expression, pure emotion, and complex narratives, Fenton Visuals approaches projects with a carefully considered methodology. We have implemented a wealth of experience, making the decision to utilise industry grade equipment, in the creation of broadcast quality productions, meeting the demands of web distributors, streaming, and television platforms, alike.


Upon developing a successfully consistent approach to our practices, Fenton Visuals places emphasis upon achieving conceptual significance, striving for perfection, within every body of work we produce.


Having had our work showcased in exhibitions, published in magazines, and featured on international platforms, Fenton Visuals has developed a consistent aesthetic, recognisable throughout our ever expanding portfolio of creative projects and industry commissions.

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