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Samuel Andrew Fenton, b. 1993

Based in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

Samuel Andrew Fenton, a professional award winning director of photography, based in the North West of England, specialising in fine art photography and independent filmmaking.


Inspired by cinematic expression, rich tonality, and complex narratives, Samuel's work is crafted using a carefully considered approach. He has implemented his wealth of experience, making the decision to utilise industry grade equipment, in the creation of broadcast quality productions.

Upon developing a successful guerrilla-style approach to his practices, Samuel places emphasis upon achieving conceptual significance and a high production value, striving for perfection, within every body of work he creates.

Having had his work showcased in exhibitions, published in magazines, and featured on international platforms, Samuel has developed a consistent aesthetic, recognisable throughout his ever expanding portfolio of personal work and industry commissions.


Javier Wallis


"Sam is both a skilled professional and enthusiastic, open-minded creative wizard. We collaborated on a series of music videos and online content in 2018-9, and he's great at getting the most out of your ideas and sharing in the excitement behind them. He's also as much at home with serious, formal work as with experimental and out-there ideas. I would love to work with him again!"


Ian Gronow


"I went to Sam with a very clear idea of what I wanted to create. The final product was better than I imagined... So much so, that I'm unlikely to consider anyone else for any future projects."

Kate Anita


"I worked with Sam on my single release last year, and was overwhelmed by the amount of passion, dedication, time and effort Sam put into this project. Every artist needs him!"


Bring On The Night


"Sam has become our go-to guy. His creativity is inspiring to work with, we can come to him with whatever crazy idea and he'll say 'cool, I can do that, let's run with it', yet he'll push it with his own drive and passion."

Martin Cooper

"I have shot a number of projects with Sam, including three short films and three music videos. Sam is a consummate pro with a great eye for detail and - something which I particularly like - he works quickly! Shooting schedules are always tight and for me and it’s always important to stick to that schedule. All too often things get delayed but with Sam we always run to time."

Me Vs Hero

"We've worked with Sam a few times now, he's got a keen eye for detail and we are always stoked on his work."


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